Are you planning to study MBBS abroad? Know about NMC regulations

Are you planning to study MBBS abroad? Know about NMC regulations

Nowadays, many Indian students find studying MBBS abroad as a more viable and affordable option as there are many destinations such as AzerbaijanRussiaKazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan that offer quality medical education at international standards. Most of these students plan to come back to India and practice the medical profession. If you are a student who is planning to earn an MBBS degree from abroad, you must be aware of the conditions in the Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate (FMGL) regulations for graduates who completed their studies abroad to practice in India.

Conditions for those who study MBBS abroad

Following are the major conditions that a student who has pursued MBBS from a foreign university must meet in order to practice medical profession in India:

  1. The student must have completed at least 54 months of undergraduate medical training
  2. The medium of instruction must be English
  3. The student must have completed theory, practical and clinical training equivalent to MBBS training in India
  4. They must also have completed a 12 month internship at the hospital run by the same medical institute where they completed the course.
  5. The student must have acquired registration in the country where they studied MBBS.
  6. The student must have completed the MBBS course within 10 years of joining.
  7. The student must take the National Exit Test or equivalent qualifying test prescribed by the National Medical Commission.
  8. They must also undergo a supervised internship in India for at least 12 months, after applying for the same to the NMC.

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