Travel with your child to study MBBS in Azerbaijan 2023-24

Travel with your child to study MBBS in Azerbaijan 2023-24

Are you searching for the right destination for your child to study MBBS abroad? Do you want your child to receive the best MBBS education? 

If yes, Azerbaijan can be a great option.

Azerbaijan is a country located in the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Medical education in Azerbaijan is internationally reputed and Azerbaijan Medical University, located in Baku, the capital of the country, is one of the best institutions to study MBBS abroad. The MBBS course offered by the University is approved by international medical boards and the institute offers quality education combined with the best infrastructure and facilities.

Azerbaijan Medical University offers a lot of benefits to foreign students who choose to study MBBS here. The most attractive benefit is that the parents of the students who travel to Azerbaijan for studying MBBS can accompany them in their first trip. Tickets, visa and accommodation will be provided by the Azerbaijan government. This benefit is available only for those students who book the first 20 seats in the Azerbaijan State Medical University. This makes Azerbaijan State Medical University, the most parents-preferred university.  

Azerbaijan Medical University’s offer is a great opportunity for all aspiring doctors and their parents. If you wish to know in detail about studying MBBS in Azerbaijan, contact Aspirom Overseas Education, the best consultancy for overseas MBBS education.

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